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About Us

We ARE East Brook!

Established in 1962, East Brook Elementary School is located in the quiet suburb of Park Ridge, NJ.

Comprised of 7 grade levels, ranging from Kindergarten through 6th, East Brook provides a menu of learning opportunities for the children.

East Brook’s mission statement, developed by a group of teachers, parents, and the administration, states clearly the goal of the school: to provide the best elementary education for every student. As an educational community, “…East Brook School will develop a lifelong desire and love for learning; and foster self-esteem and respect for others…”

Emphasis is placed on the mastery of the core skills necessary for academic success. There is an additional emphasis on developing and fostering the attitude that education is a constant lifelong process. Teachers model this attitude as they continuously engage in their own professional development. Staff development experiences are provided to afford teachers an opportunity to refine their skills according to current best practices. Teachers infuse character education topics that include bullying, respect, tolerance, and responsibility into classroom instruction. Instruction also encourages the critical thinking skills, imagination, and creativity of all our students. These skills are embedded in the New Jersey Student Learning Standards preparing students for the 21st century. The Reading and Writing Workshop, with an individualized approach to teaching, has been implemented.

In addition to a high quality core curriculum which aligns with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards, students with special needs are offered a range of programs from remedial to enrichment. Programs for identified gifted and talented students are offered at all grade levels. Our basic skills programs run throughout the day, including before school. Students at these grade levels also have the chance to participate in the instrumental music program.  Spanish and French instruction is provided to students in grades Kindergarten through six.

Technology instruction is introduced beginning at Kindergarten. Integrated projects with technology and content areas have been phased in all grade levels. Students in the primary grades have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the computer through the use of classroom computers and shared laptop carts. Students in grades 4-6 each have their own Macbook laptop, purchased through the school. In addition, each classroom has a projector and whiteboard. Each mathematics, science, and social studies lesson includes an interactive technology component for students to engage in.

Fun Fact!

Brian Cushing, of the NFL's Houston Texans, attended East Brook. His signature is still visible in the upper grade hallway as part of his grade level's 6th grade mural.